Certificates of Deposit

Your goal is to lead an excellent life. Ours is to help you do it with excellent CD rates.

Put your money to work. Whether it’s rainy-day money, small-business revenue, or cash you’re setting aside for your children, we have a certificate of deposit that will do the trick – and do it admirably. In fact, we’d venture to say you’ll find our rates competitive with anything you can find out there in the great big world. That’s the AloStar Bank of Commerce way. And that’s what we mean when we say that we serve the people who grow this country – we serve them with some of the tastiest CD rates in the business.


Customer Service

Banking has never been easier than with AloStar Bank of Commerce. While we’re internet-based, we always deliver the human touch to everything we do. If you have questions, just call toll free 1-877-738-6391 and speak to a Customer Service Representative or email us at customerservice@alostarbank.com.