Business Accounts

At AloStar, Business is Personal

Owners of business know this. Your business life and your personal life are often inextricably linked. That's why we make a point of helping our retail customers with business solutions.

When it comes to running a business, how you put your capital to work is always a critical question. Sometimes, you need for your capital to be liquid and immediately accessible. Other times, you can afford to tie it up for a bit, so long as it's earning interest. At AloStar we have solutions to putting your money to work either way.

AloStar Business Money Market

With the AloStar Business Money Market Account, we combine attractive rates with the ability to access your cash to create an attractive way to make your money work. Click here to open an account or learn more about our Business Money Market Account here.

AloStar Small Business CD

With the AloStar Small Business Certificate of Deposit we offer competitive rates in a number of scenarios depending on how long you can afford to tie your capital up in a CD. Click here to open an account or learn more about them here.



Customer Service

Banking has never been easier than with AloStar Bank of Commerce. While we’re internet-based, we always deliver the human touch to everything we do. If you have questions, just call toll free 1-877-738-6391 and speak to a Customer Service Representative or email us at