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Whether it’s about making your money available, or putting your money to work, we’ve got an account for you.

Let’s take savings as an example. How you save makes a big difference in which type of AloStar Bank of Commerce account will best help you do it. From basic savings accounts that allow you to sock money away for a rainy day (and put it to work earning interest in the process), to various money market accounts structured to fit your budget and financial goals, to certificates of deposit, we have plenty of ways to help you save. Click here to learn more about our savings options.

When it comes to making your money available, AloStar Bank of Commerce offers just what you need with accounts such as our AloStar Bank of Commerce Interest Checking Account or our AloStar Bank of Commerce Personal Checking Account. Click here to learn more about your checking options.

AloStar Bank of Commerce has an account to fit the needs of just about anybody. But if, in addition to accounts, you’re curious about the full suite of services AloStar Bank of Commerce offers our customers, have a look here.

Customer Service

Banking has never been easier than with AloStar Bank of Commerce. While we’re internet-based, we always deliver the human touch to everything we do. If you have questions, just call toll free 1-877-738-6391 and speak to a Customer Service Representative or email us at