Andrew S. McGhee

CEO and President

As Co-Founder of AloStar Bank of Commerce Business Credit, Andrew McGhee has decided ideas on what a bank should be: More than a source of capital, but rather a resource for growth. His belief is backed up by deep experience in traditional banking, private equity, and every facet of commercial banking and finance. This expertise was acquired at a Who’s Who of banks. In addition, Andrew co-founded and grew a successful investment banking firm.

As head of AloStar Bank of Commerce Commercial Banking, he’ll apply diverse and rich experience to innovative Asset-Based Lending, creating solutions custom-made for businesses in the $5 million and $150 million range.

In other words, you.

Shawn Jordan


Shawn Jordan has 20 years of experience and counting in the banking business – most recently with Iberia Bank. When you ask Shawn what drew him to AloStar Bank of Commerce, you can see the fire in his eyes when he answers: “The opportunity to join an entrepreneurial bank with a different business model.” Shawn expects to set the bar when it comes to serving our clients in a manner that is responsive and financially solid.

At AloStar Bank of Commerce, we place a premium on entrepreneurialism. We see our entire customer base – from the hard working people, to the middle-market companies, to the community-based financial institutions – as being fundamentally entrepreneurial. And that puts the same fire in our eyes you’ll see in Shawn’s.

Cindy Russo

EVP Operations

Do you want textbook results from your correspondent services? Then get to know Cindy Russo, our Executive Vice President/Operations. For when she is not helping clients like you enjoy smooth, seamless transactions, she is an instructor at both the Alabama Banking School and the Georgia Banking School. In addition, she’s former State Chair of the American Institute of Banking. That, in our opinion, speaks volumes about her knowledge and experience. It also, we think, says a great deal about her ability to serve you. From Correspondent Accounting and Bond Accounting to managing strategies and investments for customers, Cindy offers expertise that’s respected not just by her colleagues and clients, but the industry as well.

Of course, that’s how we operate at AloStar Bank of Commerce. Just like Cindy, every person on our Correspondent Services fully understands every dimension of your banking needs. Far from just selling a slate of products, we instead work with a sense of collaboration and shared strategic goals. That’s the difference between a relationship that lasts a few months and a partnership that lasts far longer. So come to us with your correspondent needs. And learn what our people, Cindy included, have to offer.