AloStar Bank of Commerce History

We’re a young bank. But our leadership is really a bunch of old hands in the financial industry, who've steered a lot of financial institutions that have become household names to high levels of performance.

Mike Gillfillan, CEO, and Andrew McGhee, Executive Vice President share 66 years of financial experience, from bank governance to commercial lending and everything in between. Both men shared an ambition to start their own bank.

On April 15th, 2011, the two founded AloStar Bank of Commerce with one central idea in mind: Create a bank that thinks like no other, reaching to the hardworking American, the middle-level business customer, and the community financial institutions. Apparently, word got around. AloStar Bank of Commerce has attracted an elite team in Business Lending and Correspondent Services, giving us nationwide appeal.

And we’ve just begun. With officers in every region of the country, we look forward to helping our customers grow. And building our reputation as a rising star in the financial business.