How we think.

Every company will tell you that theirs is a culture of service. But ask them to define service. To AloStar Bank of Commerce, service is a multifaceted concept. Yes, service is how you answer the phone, and service is being able to solve a customer’s problem without having to shuffle them off to someone else. And service is a smile. And a handshake. But those sorts of service promises are the price of entry to our way of thinking.

At AloStar Bank of Commerce, service is also about having the most current online tools so that your clients and customers don’t have to spend their precious time doing something that is decidedly not precious – banking. Service is offering rates that are incredibly attractive. Service is being straightforward and transparent so that people can know you by your word. Service is having the strength of character to be able to give advice – even when it is unpleasant. Service is operational efficiency you can’t see or touch, but that you feel in all the little ways that count.

So, when we say that ours is a culture of service, you can rest assured – that cultural promise affects every possible way we serve you.